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Here you can find articles and interviews regarding CHARGE – The World’s First Energy Branding Conference in addition to relevant insights and information about marketing and branding within the energy sector.

CHARGE Energy Branding

CHARGE is the world’s first conference to focus specifically on branding within the energy space. CHARGE is an active forum for
presentations and discussions of all the latest marketing and branding developments within the energy space.

Every year, industry thought leaders from all over the world gather in Reykjavik, Iceland, for two days and share ideas and discuss trends in the industry.


The Conference organizes the annual CHARGE Awards, which nominates and rewards the global brands thought to have performed exceptionally in terms of branding. The case studies are then compiled into a comprehensive report by LarsEn Energy Branding.

World's Best Energy Brands 2018 Edition

The report gives you an extensive overview of energy branding at its best around the world. It features both retail brands competing for market share as well as distribution and transmission system operators that put the customer at the centre.

LarsEn Energy Branding

The conference is hosted by LarsEn Energy Branding.

LarsEn Energy Branding was founded on our wish to use our expertise on the branding and marketing functions in the electricity industry to consult electricity retailers. We have worked with both private companies, national power companies, and governments offering a variety of customized energy branding services. We work directly with the board of directors, upper management, or with an independent branding institution or an ad agency responsible for the existing energy branding process.

Experience in other industries has given us a relevant perspective on how the electricity markets are both similar and different to other markets and which tools work and do not work in the electricity market. Our team holds various references from energy branding, marketing, and strategy projects.  The composition of the team is highly flexible and can be molded to fit the specific issues that are relevant to your needs.