CHARGE 2016 Highlights from Janine Finnell

One of the pleasures of CHARGE 2016 was not only to finally meet people in person for the first time but also to get to meet new people for the very first time. One of our guests was Janine Finnell who is the Founder and Clean Energy Embassador of Leaders in Energy. Janine has posted her top ten list of highlights from the conference and her stay in Iceland. On the off-venue part of the conference which took place in the Reykjanes peninsula she writes:

[…] we also took a field trip to the HS Orka Resource Park, an example of how Iceland is branding green energy to attract newcomers to come here and invest in Iceland for their industry. […]The excess resource stream from the power plants are used in a variety of businesses, including one of Iceland´s most popular attractions, the Blue Lagoon; the first renewable methanol plant, Carbon Recycling International; and others, including cosmetic production, biotechnology, a high tech fish farm, and fish drying facilities.

Janine sat down and talked about the most interesting points raised from her point of view and about Leaders in Energy: