Finalists for The 2019 CHARGE Awards Announced

B2B: Alpiq, Haven Power, Statkraft  Challenger: Barry, Powershop  Distribution: DTEK Grids, Fluvius, Veitur  Established: Contact Energy, EDP, Fjordkraft, Seattle City Light  Green: EWS Schönau, Helgeland Kraft, Powerpeers  Product & Innovation: myFC, Powerledger, Swytch   Transmission: Elering, ELES, NGESO  Organisation: Enel Foundation, EURELECTRIC, Fedarene, Student Energy Energy industry branding case studies brands awards branding event
The finalists for the 2019 CHARGE Awards

World‘s Best Energy Brands selected as finalists for the annual CHARGE Awards

With rapid changes in the energy sector, the energy brands that thrive in the future will be the ones that can quickly and effectively adapt, and that convey their approach through exceptional branding. The annual CHARGE Energy Branding conference, to be held September 30th and October 1st, in Iceland, has announced the finalists for this year‘s CHARGE Awards.

The eight categories are Established, Challenger, Green, B2B, Transmission, Distribution, Organisation, and Product & Innovation.

The initial shortlist of over 86 companies was created by a global panel of experts that work in or around the energy space as well as professionals in branding/advertising and from academia. The finalists in the three retail categories (Established, Challenger and Green) are evaluated both by customer research as well as how the panel scores their case study submissions. The finalists in the other categories are evaluated by their case study submissions to the panel.

The winners will be announced at the CHARGE Awards ceremonial dinner on the 30th of September in Reykjavik. The finalists will be honoured on stage at the conference on the 30th and the winners will participate in a panel discussion during the conference‘s second day. The aim of the conference is to enable the energy sector to share knowledge and learn from the best brand builders and communicators in the sector.

The finalists for the 2019 CHARGE Awards are:

B2B: Alpiq, Haven Power, Statkraft
Challenger: Barry, Powershop
Distribution: DTEK Grids, Fluvius, Veitur
Established: Contact Energy, EDP, Fjordkraft, Seattle City Light
Green: EWS Schönau, Helgeland Kraft, Powerpeers
Product & Innovation: myFC, Powerledger, Swytch
Transmission: Elering, ELES, NGESO
Organisation: Enel Foundation, EURELECTRIC, Fedarene, Student Energy

“The finalists come from all over the world and we can truly say that we are hosting the World Championship in Energy Branding. As well as choosing the best energy brands in retail, transmission and distribution, we added categories for B2B energy brands and organisations that work inside the sector. There is a lot of hard work behind the methodology of measuring brands in the energy sector as well as reaching out and screening which brands are worthy of being considered as one of the best in the world.“ – Dr. Fridrik Larsen, Chairman of CHARGE Energy Branding.

About the finalists for the 2019 CHARGE Awards (from their case-study submissions):

Contact Energy After two decades of powering New Zealand, we uncovered an extremely powerful truth: important as it is, the energy that makes the water hot, the milk cold, keeps the warmth in and the darkness out, is nowhere near as vital as the kind within ourselves. Human energy is what makes us different. It’s the kind of energy that Contact is  built on, and the same energy that will  set us apart.

EDP We were early movers in renewables. As a result, today EDP is uniquely positioned to embrace the challenges of the future and lead the energy transition (…) the decentralization of energy associated with renewables and the digitalization itself gave a new power to the client, which today seeks in EDP not just energy, but smart energy.

Fjordkraft is the biggest  and best-known electricity supplier in Norway. This is a position Fjordkraft has achieved by focusing consistently on its core values “simple”, “be friendly” and “more for your money”. The company has spent almost 15 years continuously and consciously building a clear and consistent brand

Seattle City Light For more than a century, Seattle City Light has charted one of the most remarkable histories in the US utility industry. The utility was born out of a time when labor union organization, women’s suffrage and trust-busting were coming to the fore and Seattle residents were clamoring for more fairness in society. Since then, it has grown to uphold a core progressive value of more contemporary times: environmentalism.

Elering is an electricity and gas transmission system operator with the task of connecting the producers, various network operators and consumers who make  up the system into a unified whole. An operating integral system is important also for end-consumers, as it enables us to guarantee consumers a high-quality energy supply with reasonable costs. This is a major objective of Elering.

ELES as a brand name exists since 1990,  although the identity of the transmission and distribution operator reaches back to 1924 with the first 77km of 80kV power line. From then on, the company became a synonym for electricity in Slovenia. Up until 1999, when distribution was separated from ELES, both the Slovenian electricity strategy and execution was executed in ELES.

As National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) our passion and identity revolves around ensuring that round the clock, we keep the lights on for Great Britain’s (GB) energy consumers. To do this we must be the guiding light of industry – trusted to keep the lights on, providing direction in an ever changing environment with the enthusiasm to work with stakeholders to always find a better way.

Alpiq: Our name derives from our heritage. Our roots are in Switzerland, where the Alps stand as a symbol of peak performance and solid expertise. As a Swiss company, we are expected to meet the highest standards of precision and quality – a responsibility we take very seriously. “Peak” – the second part of our name stands for peak energy and performance. The characters IQ stand for intelligent solutions and quality.

Haven Power supplies renewable electricity as standard to UK businesses alongside a range of energy efficiency products and services. These include second-generation smart meters that save businesses time and – potentially – money, plus services helping customers adopt electric vehicles and battery storage.

Statkraft. We are committed to develop and manage green, smart and profitable energy solutions. Statkraft combines insight in power markets and expertise in operations and maintenance, with a unique energy portfolio that creates value for our owner and the societies we operate in. Through our operations we are Powering a green future.

EWS Schönau is a green-electricity supplier and grid operator in southern Germany. The company emerged from  a local action group which, against the backdrop of the Chernobyl catastrophe, was committed to an ecological and sustainable energy supply. EWS still  see themselves today as a political enterprise with the overriding goal of achieving maximum climate protection together with their comrades.

Helgeland Kraft is an energy company that has dared to take a new and innovative approach to the production of renewable energy. Our customers care about how their electricity is produced. They prefer clean, renewable and sustainable electricity before fossil or nuclear energy sources. Renewable energy is not just a commodity. It is a branded product and we let our customers choose beautiful hydropower produced in a sustainable way.

Powerpeers is a facilitator around energy generation and  consumption, both at  individual and group level, and ensures that like-minded individuals come together. With Powerpeers, this group of people is perfectly capable of regulating their own needs with regard to sustainable energy, whether it is supply or demand. These people take matters into their own hands to  accelerate the energy  transition itself – without a large energy  society.

myFC is a Swedish high-tech company that develops micro fuel cells. We are a technology innovation company, nearly fully dedicated to R&D. Our brand is what we do. Our culture remains loyal to our engineering background from KTH, and we are carefully nourishing our innovation culture. And 14 years later, we are still committed to ease range anxiety for all and support a fossil free world.

Powerledger As momentum gathers around the Power Ledger movement, we created an iteration of our original branding to signal our move from startup to scale up. With Australia’s first ever Initial Coin Offering under our belt, and numerous accolades, including endorsement from Sir Richard Branson for winning his Extreme Tech Challenge in 2018, and active projects globally, in places such as Australia, Thailand, Japan, America and India, we wanted our brand to mature alongside the business.

Swytch was created by a team of energy and technology experts to address the market failures that have resulted in inadequate adoption of renewable energy assets and sustainability programs. Our goal is to accelerate adoption of both to mitigate the impact of climate change and encourage energy development and sustainable behavior in the areas of greatest need.

Barry is Denmark’s first “EnergyTech”  company, a kind of “utility 2.0″ . Tech is at our core. Barry is on a mission to make electricity easy, fair and fun. We want Danes to become active and conscious electricity consumers. Our tone-of-voice is fresh, straightforward, slightly tongue-in-cheek, in hope of making our leads and customers smile.

Powershop is an award-winning energy retail brand with a proven record for shaking up markets worldwide. Flux offers Powershop as an outof-the-box challenger brand, with materials  and support to help energy retailers launch the brand in their market and beyond.

DTEK Grids strives to provide customers with equal access to grids and ensures high quality services — uninterrupted power supply, sustainable electric line voltage and prompt accident damage control, in case of emergency. We aim to respond and outpace the needs of modern customers in electricity consumption — such as smartization, decarbonisation and digitalization.

Fluvius is a brand-new system operator, with a clear vision and high ambitions. We burst onto the scene in early 2019, when we introduced our new brand to the public. As such, we consider this nomination a nice reward for what essentially was an intensive branding process.

Veitur Utilities provides an important service for the public benefit and ensures that users have continued access to hot water supplies, electricity, water and wastewater systems. Veitur Utilities is the biggest utility company in the country. At the beginning of 2014, Reykjavik Energy was unbundled into exclusively licensed operations and competitive operations, in accordance with the requirements of the Electricity Act.

Enel Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on the crucial role of clean energy to ensure a sustainable future for all. By developing partnerships with pre-eminent experts and institution across the globe, leveraging on the vast knowledge of its Founders, Enel Foundation conducts research to explore the implications of global challenges in the energy domain and offers education programs to the benefit of talents in the scientific, business and institutional realms.

Eurelectric is the sector association which represents the common interests of the electricity industry at pan-European level, plus its affiliates and associates on several other continents. We currently have over 34 full members, representing the electricity industry in 32 European countries.

FEDARENE is the premier European network of agencies and regions at regional and local levels. It was established in 1990 to represent and promote the local and regional dimensions to the European institutions. FEDARENE organises exchanges of experience and partnerships between its members. It now has 80 members in 22 countries in the European Union.

Student Energy is working to create the next generation of energy leaders who will accelerate our transition to a sustainable energy future. For ten years, we’ve created programs that build young people’s capacity to innovate and take action on energy – from starting the world’s largest conference on energy for students, to delivering cutting-edge Energy Literacy content, to supporting 35 university chapters around the world.