Iceland – Exotic & around the corner


The most accessible exotic island on Earth!

A long list of things and places and imagery is often used to describe Iceland but what the category or the concept that describes Iceland the best would be exotic. That is great when most people think of conferences as things that occur only in cities that they have visited over and over. The downside is that most people would further describe exotic distant, remote, far away et cetera.

The fact of the matter is that Iceland is not so far away. The conference might be situated in the middle of the Atlantic but it is quite close to both Europe and North America. There are over 24 international airlines that flying to Iceland from over 70 locations. It doesn’t matter if you live in Barcelona or Anchorage – Dublin or Boston – you are only a short flight away from the conference.

Flight time to Iceland:

USA: 5 hours from the east coast and 7 hours from Seattle
UK, Ireland & Scandinavia: 2-3 hours
Rest of Europe: 3-4 hours

How to book the ticket to Iceland

There are two Icelandic airlines, Icelandair and WOW Air. Both of which fly to major cities on both sides of the Atlantic. Icelandair offers stopovers in Iceland at no additional cost for passengers travelling between N-America and Europe.

Find your flights now with the help from flight search engines such as dohop or Skyscanner.

Where to stay during the conference

A block reservation was booked at hotels near the conference hall over a year ago. That means that prices for the rooms are below the market price today but since it’s another record year for tourism in Iceland, hotel space is quickly becoming limited up in Reykjavik at the time of the conference.