KC Boyce looks back at CHARGE2016

This year we had both guests and speakers coming in from all over the world to Iceland to participate in the world’s first energy branding conference in Reykjavik. One of our speakers coming from the United States was KC Boyce of Market Strategies International. From the country where the electric utility was invented and some of the first energy were liberalized to competition, KC gave valuable insights on energy brands in the US market.

KC wrote recently about the most important insights he gained from the conference. He raises an interesting point about branding, it is not only something for customers but for internal audiences as well:

Utility leaders also spoke about brand as being key to acquiring and retaining the talent they need to build a culture that can support the various types of transformation their businesses are undergoing.

KC sat down in the studio for a chat with Ade to discuss further about his expertise in marketing and energy branding.