Martin Stadler looks back at CHARGE2016

While we have already started arranging for a re-CHARGE of energy brands in Iceland 2017, it is a good time to look back on the key takeaways from Reykjavik last September. For an outside view we have been going through reviews and comments from our guests and speakers that was gathered during and after the conference.

Martin Stadler of edenspiekermann did a roundup of the conference for the agency’s magazine. The Transmission and distribution track created an unexpected pleasure for him:

What came as a surprise to many at the conference were the examples of energy transmission and distribution brands. In most cases, these are state-owned and monopolist, and wouldn’t be the first ones on your mind when thinking about customer centricity.

Martin sat down during the conference for an interview, talking about his impression of CHARGE2016 and his thoughts on the topics discussed.