Powerful Communication & Energy Engagement

A great energy brand knows how to communicate. Not only with the customer but has a clear way of internal communication, external communication with stakeholders and has a way of creating an engaging platform for the customer to interact on.

Energy companies’ engagement with their consumers via social media is no longer an option but a necessity within the utility sector. This method of communicating is expected by consumers and if you are not using it you are being left behind.
There are several compelling reasons for energy marketers for using social media:  It increases brand recognition as it makes your brand acknowledged by existing customers and encourages them to stay as loyal customers. Brand loyalty has been shown to improve when companies are active on social media channels.  Opportunities to convert increase with each entry posted on a social media platform as the brand has potential customers who have an opportunity to interact with you and conversion rates increases as the brands become more humanized by interacting on social media channels.  Inbound traffic increases since each social media entry adds another path leading back to your site.  With only limited effort, marketing cost can be decreased significantly and Search Engine rankings can be optimized.  Using social media efficiently further enriches customer experiences and improves their insights, which is important for an intangible product like electricity.

Smart technology has created an opportunity for creating a two-way relationship between consumer and company by giving the consumer a real chance of seeing energy usage in an interactive way.

Be sure to follow the Communication & Energy Engagement track were the spotlight will be on both internal and external communication and creating brand value with social media & content marketing. More info can be found at www.branding.energy