Powershop: Disrupting Energy With an Attitude Customers Love

Powershop is arguably one of the most innovative and disruptive brands that have emerged within the energy space. The New-Zealand founded online energy retailer is the fastest growing company in the country since forever. It began operations in 2009 with backing from the government-owned Meridian Energy. Powershop entered the Australian energy market in 2013 and launched in the United Kindom in 2017. In September 2018, the brand won as Best Challenger Brand at the CHARGE Awards, which are part of the global CHARGE Energy Branding event in Reykjavik.

Delivering power to the people

Powershop has received rich praises for transparency in communication and the ability to empower and engage customers. This was not done without effort. From day one the company has been obsessed with delivering high-quality customer experience and has taken extensive measures to do so. For example, anyone hired at Powershop, will spend time at the customer service centre as part of the onboarding programme to ensure a customer-centricity mindset.

Another large success factor is the way Powershop approaches its customers. It do so by offering “fun products” and a sense of belonging to the company culture. This evokes emotions and prevents the consumer from feeling like a lone digit in a spreadsheet.

The company uses a host of other tools and methods to continuously communicate with its customers, thus, keeping them close while simultaneously learning from them.

Ari Sargent, CEO of Flux Federation (The technology arm of Powershop) and Founder of Powershop at CHARGE 2018

The Powershop brand

As stated above, the brand is immensely innovative and disruptive. It positions itself as the industry rebel which is a pleasant differentiating factor and provoking in the eyes of the consumer. The importance of achieving that can not be stressed enough. Energy companies are commonly perceived as faceless, heartless identities meaning that consumers are unable to form a strong connection to the brand.

The brand itself is built around the amiable “Winky”. Winky is the name of the logo and the Powershop people present it proudly. It is 360°, inside-out driven with the objective to deliver “Power to the People” as the brand promise reads.

Winky, the Powershop logo
Meet Winky. Image credit: Powershop

With almost 10 years of operations, Powershop demonstrates the quality consumer should look for in an energy brand. Consistency across all touch points, compelling brand, distinctive communication and rich company culture combine in a brand with a face and a heart.

Want to learn more about Powershop?

The winners of the retail categories for the World’s Best Energy Brands at CHARGE Energy Branding event in Reykjavik are decided by a specialised customer survey and the evaluation of the brand by a panel of experts.

The panel looks at and judges case studies submitted by shortlisted brands and takes into consideration special criteria. It is not only about walking the walk and having a happy customer base, it is also about talking the talk and be able to present the brand and its core philosophy before the panel.

Case studies from finalists of the CHARGE Awards are available in the 2018 World’s Best Energy Brands report which has been published by LarsEn Energy Branding.