The Guide to Consumer-centric Energy Markets in 2017


Our friends over at Enoro have a new publication called The Guide to Consumer-centric Energy Markets in 2017 Or: How utilities can succeed in the ongoing energy industry transformation by putting the customer in the center.

The publication features some great content from the Enoro team as well as contributions from Fortum (which was nominated to the CHARGE Awards 2016 as one of the world’s best energy brands) plus an article by Fridrik Larsen titled Smart Energy needs clever branding.

[…] – it is as the utilities are fighting an unwinnable battle on multiple fronts. This requires a well laid out strategy. Before the strategy is laid out, the utilities need to know how they perceive themselves and how they are perceived by the consumer. When that has been realized, they can start building a strong brand that is relevant in the mind of the customer

You can download the whole publication on a handy pdf here.