The Platform for success in branding and communication in Energy

The transition of energy sources is in full motion, but the energy sector is going through another transition at the same time. Energy decentralisation is not only true for the possibilities of clean energy. Decentralisation could also be used for the change in how business is being done in the energy sector.

A Power shift away from the Energy Sector

Energy has moved away from a centralised model in markets all over the world. The freedom of choice has entered the retail market. But there is more to it than that. The way energy companies approach customers has been decentralised in a way too. The sector is no longer setting the standard, other sectors have set the standard of customer engagement and communication and the energy sector are playing catch-up to meet what customers are used to in engaging with brands in other sectors. There is a lot to learn from best practises in other sectors and most utilities that have ambition in customer-centricity are looking at the best brands in the world.

Great branding in Energy

The best solutions for the energy sector are, however, often found within the energy sector. From excellent approaches in how to create trust and establish relationships with customer to the
digitization of customer experience. There are utilities both in regulated monopoly markets as well as energy brands in all areas of the deregulated markets doing outstanding jobs in effective communication and energy marketing. But the problem is that energy markets have historically been isolated from each other. The energy sector needs a global platform to learn and get inspired from the best-in-class in branding from around the world.

Join the CHARGE Community

CHARGE 2019 is the only platform for energy professionals to meet and learn about strategic communication and branding for the energy space. The only utilities and energy conference in the world with a focus on energy industry strategic communications.

CHARGE 2019, taking place in Reykjavík, Iceland – will have three overarching themes – Branding, Green & Sustainability and Innovation. Learn the most important building blocks of energy brands, hear from legends who shaped the energy sector and learn from people who have entered the market with disruptive thinking. Find out how leaders in the energy sector have turned their organisations around with inspiring approaches, how utilities have gone from being the most disliked in their market to the most liked.

Branding is not just for retail

Brand building is not only for energy brands communicating with the end-consumer in households. Brand building is an effective tool for a brand operating in the regulated markets of Transmission and Distribution of energy. Branding is not a topic that should be isolated in the marketing or communications department. Hear how brand-building efforts have successfully changed internal communication and processes to better represent the external image of companies.

B2B and brand communications

The wast usage of energy in the world takes place on the corporate level. Energy in the corporate market has been a commodity that must be procured at the lowest price possible. But brands that make products for the mass-consumer market are using sustainability and social responsibility as ingredients in their brand-building. They are looking at every part of their supply chain. This means that they are not looking only at the price of the energy they and their suppliers use – but at the quality (or greenness) of the energy procured. This means that energy companies and companies working in the energy space need to understand and implement branding and effective communication when operating in the Business-to-Business part of the sector.

Sustainable communications

Green energy and sustainable solutions need to communicate effectively to be able to cut through the noise. Communicating new solution to the end-consumer must come through on a level that individuals relate to – a new solution must address the challenges of everyday lives.

Start to future-proof your energy brand at CHARGE 2019 and hear how professionals and experts in the field envision the 2020’s at the closing track of the conference.

Learn and get inspired

Participants at CHARGE 2019 will come back full of inspiration from listening to presentations, taking part in the discussion and networking with peers from around the world. But they will also fill their professional toolbox with valuable tools from the CHARGE workshops that will take place in the morning of the second day.

Don’t miss a unique event for the energy space. Learn from others facing similar challenges in their work, network at our exclusive energy networking excursion and hear from the World’s Best Energy Brands, the winners of the CHARGE Awards. See you in Iceland at the only platform for branding and communication for the energy sector. Find out more about CHARGE 2019 here. Early Bird tickets are available until June 1st.