Workshop: Human to Human Marketing

The Human to Human Marketing workshop will part of CHARGE 2019. It is hosted by Thom Kennon, a radical marketer with over 30 years of experience in branding and marketing.

Few categories have been so utterly disrupted in every regard – alternative energy sources, de-regulation, customer control from energy production, insurgent competition, smart-home and IoT opportunities. 

What’s needed is a rethink of a more human-based B2B marketing – “H2H marketing” – informing a truly disruptive re-think about – the audience, our brands, our products, the competition and technology. Fresh insights are required to transform and accelerate a new H2H marketing program for opportunistic energy brands.

 Knowledge Share

Tools Deep-dive – We’ll share and workshop use cases for four actionable tools based on fresh insight that can re-ignite customer acquisition and retention program strategies, tactics and results.

  • The Listener – Learn how a rigorous method for analyzing large sets of social conversational media can expose human insights traditional research methods often miss. 
  • The Profiler – An insights-enriched persona with attitudinal, psychographic and behavioural keys into the B2B aka H2H audiences 
  • The Aligner – A simple but elegant tool incorporating fresh insights about the audience and the energy organization’s brand and connecting them through shared meaning.
  • The Planner – A robust need-state planning tool that insightfully suggests a more surgical approach to reaching key audiences at their most cost-effective moments of truth.

Each tool is demonstrated using illustrative case examples. 

Learning outcomes

Take these tools, learnings and insights back to your organization’s team and agencies to help re-invigorate your B2B marke

Human to Human Marketing

Tools for branding Energy in the 2020s

Develop your professional strengths to become better equipped for the energy market in the next decade. After attending the workshop, you will have gained power tools for your professional toolbox. At the workshop, you will learn how to gain customer insights through social media, segment consumers deeper than demographic data, develop a brand meaning that connects your customers’ mind to your brand and reaching key audiences more effectively.

The tools:

  • The Listener – Gain consumer insights from social media
  • The Profiler – Segmentation on a deeper level and personas
  • The Aligner – Connecting the energy brand to customers minds through shared meaning
  • The Planner – Learn the need-state of your customer and reach audiences more effectively

Thom Kennon

The workshop will be hosted by Thom Kennon. Thom is the founder of Free Radicals, a group of strategic provocateurs from the domains of business and brand building, marketing and development strategy, creative arts and data science, product development and experience design. He has over 30 years worth of experience in business, marketing and branding and is a post-advertising business militant. Thom has founded, launched and grown three marketing services agencies and led marketing, brand and emerging channel strategy for businesses in every global market and across every product category. Kennon teaches Radical Marketing, Competitive Strategy and Social Media and the Brand at NYU’s Masters in Integrated Marketing business program.